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Farm-City, State Documentary

We want to give a quick plug to our friend David Barrow and his crew who are currently making a documentary called Farm-City, State.

This film will ponder the question “What if an entire city [namely, Austin] could feed itself?”.  Here’s a little information about the documentary from their site (

The film will follow protagonist Brenton Johnson, of Johnson’s Backyard Garden, who has grown from 1/4 of an acre to over 200 acres in the past 6 years to help feed the city of Austin. Starting a new non-profit, FarmShare Austin, to feed the ‘food deserts’ of Austin, Brenton will show how organic food is not only for the wealthy. The film will include other urban farmers, politicians, local food non-profits, locally-sourcing restaurants, and large grocery stories.

The film has already involved Brenton Johnson, Dorsey Barger, Glenn and Paula Foore, TX Representative Eddie Rodriguez, Judith McGreary, Ty Wolosin of Windy Hill Organics, Natural Grocers, Central Market, Whole Foods, Chef Sonya Coté, FarmShare board members, Carla Crownover, SXSW Eco and we will be interviewing many, many more including chefs, public figures and more farmers!

Farm-City, State will explore the social, political, and economical state of local food in Austin, Texas. A family will also endeavor into a 30 day local diet with help from local farmers, local chefs and other community members to further explore the economic impact of this lifestyle.

We encourage all our readers to either donate to Farm-City, State‘s fundraising campaign, or just to share the project with your friends:  After talking with David and watching the film’s teasers, Taylor and I are definitely excited for the finished product!

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