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A Very Veggie South by Southwest: The 5th and Final Part

The entire City of Austin observes an annual collective hangover the last Sunday of SXSW. Post-party smells waft down 6th Street and off in the distance one or two lonely bands can be heard playing for a few remaining bleary-eyed, stumbling revelers. However, it is still technically SXSW, the weekend, and, for  those associated with The University of Texas, this Sunday is the last day of Spring Break. All of these factors require commemoration and we have found that the best way to celebrate while still respecting the malaise of the day is an afternoon BBQ.

Enjoying some Pachamanca

James and I wanted to use the occasion to try out our ideas for a vegetarian Pachamanca, meaning “earthen pot” in Quechua. Traditional Pachamanca in the central Andes is accomplished by lining a large hole with searing hot rocks and then cooking several whole animals over the course of a few hours. Our variation, which is included in The Authentic Peruvian Vegetarian Cookbook, focuses on the vegetables that traditionally accompany a Pachamanca — including corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans — replaces the meats with mushrooms and tofu marinated in traditional Peruvian sauces, then grilled on a conventional appliance. It was a delicious and healthful way to wrap up SXSW.

Spencer and Elliott Gall, along with their parents Rob and Lynn, contributed to the cookout with the famous Gall Grilled Beet and Brussels Pizza that used broiled sweet golden beets and sauteed beet greens.

Spencer and Elliott Gall creating their signature grilled pizza.

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