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How to Slice a Mango

Fresh mangoes are becoming more and more common in grocery stores around North America. Unlike many fruits, mangoes are good in almost all states of ripeness the taste moving from sour to sweet the riper it gets. This means that you can shop for mangoes according to your personal preference.

If you love mangoes but are a novice at slicing them be sure to avoid the skin and the fiber around the large oblong seed in the center of the fruit as these are not delicious. Below is a technique that should help you avoid these hazards:

  1. Mangoes are ovoid reflecting the shape of the seed. Identify the narrow sides of the fruit and slice right and left thirds off the side. Reserve these portions of the fruit.
  2. Laying the center third flat on a cutting board remove two semi-ovoid sections of fruit around the seed. If you feel any resistance on your knife from the fibers surrounding the seed start again slicing closer to the periphery of the fruit. Slice the skin off with the knife.
  3. Using a spoon scoop the fruit from the left and right cheeks.
  4. Slice and use the fruit as directed.

Slicing into thirds; Removing fruit around the seed, Scooping out the fruit with a spoon


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