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Eating Green Tomato Crow

Green Tomato Feast

I was wrong and I take back everything I said about green tomatoes that might have been construed as disparaging. After further experimentation I have decided that I love them! They are crisp, versatile, slightly tart globes of eating joy, and I am deeply sorry for my previous ignorance. I have found that I like them so much that I decided to try to put them in everything – and I mean everything.

Our latest green tomato recipes might be a good starting point for anyone who believes that they may be summoned to Kitchen Stadium. As a starter, one could recreate our Three Bean Green Tomato Salad with green tomatoes, fresh dragon tongue, green, and kidney beans, and a refreshing lemon dressing. This course could be followed by a fresh and flavorful Green Tomato Gazpacho or Green Tomato Pesto on buttery sourdough toast. For a main course why not try some flavor packed Green Tomato Enchiladas or a more delicate Green Tomato Pizza. For your final trick whip up a quick Spiced Green Tomato and Peach Pie – it works, really!

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