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Gordon Ramsey Goes all F@#king Vegetarian

Dear reader be warned: I have allowed myself to use choice language in this article.

Gordon Ramsey is, shall we say, an opinionated man. Whether he is throwing up on Kitchen Nightmares or calling yet another hapless contestant on Hell’s Kitchen a “donkey” (or worse) he is not afraid to express himself. The Ramsey brand of entertainment is not for everyone but I enjoy his TV personality which is obviously insane, obsessive, perfectionist, and workaholic (seriously, how does a human bend space and time to make a dozen television series in any given year).

What is not often discussed with respect to Chef Ramsey is his laudable evolution from vegetarian hater to somewhat of an advocate. There have been several well reported incidents of vegetarian hate crimes in his past, including serving guests in his premier London restaurant soups with chicken broth and lying about it for a laugh. He also had a very public feud with Sir Paul McCartney which began when the Beatle responded to Chef Ramsey’s statement that his “biggest nightmare would be if the kids ever came up to me and said ‘Dad, I’m a vegetarian’.” He went on to say that his likely response to such a confession by his own dear sweet progeny would be to “sit them on the fence and electrocute them” in what would undoubtedly be the first recorded incidence of a celebrity chef honor-killing to protect their macho meat-loving reputation.

So, while doing some research (if watching clips of Chef Ramsey cussing and barfing on YouTube is research) I was thrilled to see this video:

Skip to 5:35 to hear the following revelation for yourself:

“Over the last three or four years I have seriously changed my attitude to vegetarian  cooking. It is vibrant. It is something we serve the children minimum once a week. All of the restaurants now are packed with vegetarian menus and with the array of vegetables that are being grown locally you can create some fantastic dishes.” He then proceeds to load several tablespoons of his chickpea salad on to a pita chip and say “I am proud to admit, I am going all vegetarian for five minutes” and he concludes with a hearty “fuck me!”

To honor this under celebrated vegetarian conversion (even if it was just five minutes) we have recreated three of Gordon Ramsey’s famous dishes – or at least the ones he is most likely to thrown in the trash on Hell’s Kitchen. However, our versions are all meatless! We made a delicious shitake mushroom rissoto which is an easy vegetarian and gluten-free masterpiece as long as you have the time and wrist strength and don’t season it like “a bloody idiot.”  This is followed by Pan Seared Oyster Mushrooms (Scallops) that any “dick face” can pull off.  Finally we made Portobello Mushroom Wellingtons that even a “complete twat” could cook to perfection.

We are sincerely happy that Gordan Ramsey’s mind has expanded to entertain the notion that vegetarian cooking can be delicious fine-dinning and we sleep a little easier knowing that his children are safe in his hands whatever possible dietary life-style they pursue. For some genuine vegetarian recipes crafted by the potty mouth himself check out the links below:

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