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Superbowl 2013

I typically stay in the room for one televised football game a year, and the Superbowl is the one. It is not for the commercials or half-time shows either, I am just there for the party.  This year our friend and occasional photographer Gabe is hosting and we volunteered to help with the refreshments.

In honor of the San Francisco 49ers we made a Pisco Punch. In the 19th century Pisco was the liquor of choice in Northern California where it could be easily imported from South America. Pisco Punch is made from pineapple, citrus, simple syrup, and Pisco.  This  concoction is notoriously strong but easy to imbibe.

For snacks we let Gabe handle the chicken wings and guacamole while we focused on some vegetable-based dishes.  Not ones to take sides, we decided to also honor the Baltimore Ravens with our Poor Man’s Crab Cakes, a vegetarian take on the classic, and of course we sliced up a tray of seasonal vegetables to serve with a big bowl of homemade hummus.

No matter which team reigns victorious in New Orleans, we are all winners when friends, flavor, and fiber converge.

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