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That Takes the Cake!

Takes the Cake

Sugar sculptures at 2013 That Takes the Cake

This weekend  I volunteered to participate in the annual That Takes the Cake sugar and art show as a judge for the tasting competition. The competition was divided into five categories: angel food cakes, moon pies, candy, cookies, and “mini-bottle cakes.” If you don’t know, and I initially did not, mini-bottle cakes are cakes made with or flavored with alcohol. Obviously, I was most excited to try the 18 entrants in this category.

And try I did! The range of styles, flavors, and creativity of these cakes was impressive, which made judging all of these cakes extremely fun and filling work. My three favorite cakes were: 3) a nicely decorated chocolate Guinness cake with Bailey’s icing, 2)  a delicious limoncello coffee cake, and (drum roll!) 1) a beautiful White Chocolate Godiva Liqueur layer cake with Chambord icing. The winners from each category were evaluated by all of the judges and the bottle cake winner was bested by a fantastic chocolate raspberry mousse confection.

Taylor Tastes at That Takes the Cake

Taylor Tastes at That Takes the Cake

In addition to the tasting competition, That Takes the Cake is also a sugar arts show. This is a whole sub-set of the baking world that I am unfamiliar with but some of the feats of sweets that I witnessed were beyond impressive. That Takes the Cake was a a great demonstration of the creativity and talent that exists in the Austin culinary scene and it made me happy and proud to live here.

The show was also quite inspirational.  Coseppi Kitchen does not feature a lot of baking, but that is in part due to our focus on healthy and inclusive cooking. But, I like a challenge so when we went to a potluck/coed baby shower on Sunday I brought my newly invented Mini Allspice Dram Cakes with Mayfair Icing. Maybe in 2014, That Takes the Cake will see a Coseppi vegan, gluten-free entry!

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