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Celebrating April with BLT Alternatives

Portabella LT Sandwich

Portabella LT Sandwich

April is national BLT month. Field and Feast is celebrating with an interesting series of podcasts highlighting each ingredient, but we decided to go in a different direction and create three simple sandwiches that are just about as easy to make but are vegan friendly.

The BBQ Tempeh LT uses a quick spicy BBQ sauce to flavor tempeh, a traditional Indonesian sprouted soy bean cake. The Tofu LT spruces up sliced tofu with a gluten-free breading. The Portabella LT is probably the simplest – just saute some mushroom slices and it is delicious!

To make these delicious sandwiches we bought a fresh loaf of white bread made by Simon Perez of Baked in Austin. Mr. Perez currently bakes and sells at Salt and Time — making this a rare occasion when this blog will recommend that a vegan shop at a butcher’s!


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